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Danny Spiller

Voice Actor

Danny Spiller is a trans voice actor based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Art made by @Wilder_Dahlia on Twitter


Danny Spiller is a queer transgender voice actor based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Growing up, video games and animation were one of the few comforts he had. Seeing his favorite characters, especially if they were ones he could relate to, brought him so much joy. He discovered his love of acting and the arts in his middle and high school years, working both on-stage and behind the scenes for his school's theatre plays. It was during late high school when he realized that through voice acting, he could give others that same feeling he felt growing up. He realized the potential joy, or even rage and sorrow, he could bring someone using the voice acting medium, and dove in headfirst. Since starting, he has only fallen more and more in love with the profession.


When not screaming into his mic for a role, Danny enjoys things like video games, anime/manga, exercising, and cuddling with his cat, Timon.

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